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Direct Hit Marketing has performed very well on all of our conference projects. They are excellent in communications and customer service. We have trusted some large and complex conference mailings to Direct Hit and they have met our expectations without exception. Call them if you want great service.
Barbara Martin, Director of Marketing, Nielsen Business Media

A Direct Line To A Better Bottom Line

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Our expertise drives your marketing decisions much like the inner workings of a laser-guided missile.  We help you seek, track, and “hit” a highly specified target:  your ideal customer.
Our techniques are shaped by cutting-edge data analysis that helps you identify and reach your most profitable customers—customers who will respond to your offers again and again.
We know what it takes to build and execute an effective direct marketing program.  With more than 25 years of experience, our service-minded team will help you:

  • Leverage the power of your house files.
  • Pick the right outside lists–and spend less to get them.
  • Process responses accurately and efficiently.
  • Analyze response data in ways proven to enhance/bolster future marketing results.
  • Maximize a multi-channel, multi-touch marketing strategy.

Marketing Intimacy Boosts Your ROI

Measurable marketing results have never been more important.  You must know your customer better than ever to increase revenue and profitability.  Smarter, more-targeted marketing is essential in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  Direct Hit’s expertise and superior resources enable you to achieve your ROI goals.

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