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What do we mean by the “who?” 

Well, in B2B marketing environments there are two “who’s” – first the companies and then the individuals within the company.  Both have to be properly identified and targeted in order to reach lead generation and customer revenue objectives. 

In the last 10 years, an explosion of new marketing technologies and communication channels has sprung directed at this goal. In fact MarTech reports that as of January 2015 there are now1,876 technologies focused on marketing and sales functions, up from “only” 947 in January 2014.  Now that’s an explosion.

But technology does not frequently point the way to who’s the target.  Data and data analytics does, and that’s what we do – we solve the two who’s!

In B2B, that’s not an easy task as the data is frequently inaccurate, old, not complete or just not easily available. In addition, special algorithms are required to match business records to each other, as consumer software just doesn’t do that trick.

In the last 23 years, Direct Hit Marketing has dealt with business data for our clients in the trade show, higher education and traditional B2B markets.  Collectively our team has 179 years of experience and counting. Let us put this unique skill set, accumulated knowledge and team of data scientists to work for you to solve your “who’s”.


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