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Leads Plus Program™


Exhibitors sign-up and participate in trade shows and conventions for several reasons. Flying the flag is frequently mentioned and has branding value.  Also entertaining customers in pre-arranged meetings gives the sales force an efficient venue to see customers.  But the primary reason most exhibitors participate in trade shows is the generation of leads.

The Leads Plus Program™ is focused on delivering more qualified prospects to exhibitors thus increasing the achievement of their primary objective. 


If the Leads Plus Program™ is of interest, please contact us for an in-depth conversation and proposal.  All proposals are customized to the specific show and include a timetable and budget.  We look forward to adding your show to our client list, and providing data services that increase attendance and exhibitor revenue.

Call or email John Coe, VP Business Development to get the ball rolling.  His number is 602-402-6588 and email is


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