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Here are 7 Keys from Direct Hit Marketing that will improve future Trade Show results:

  1. DHM’s Tradeshow Cross Channel Analysis that typically improves response rates by 10% or more. 
  2. DHM’s Tradeshow 360 Analysis builds on the Cross Channel Analysis with a deeper dive across multiple years of your tradeshow data further increasing response rates.
  3. The DHM’s Customized Non-Responsive Suppression File identifies companies and geographic locations that are found to be non-responsive.  Future list suppression saves campaign cost.
  4. The DHM’s Title and Functional Analysis leads to more successful messaging and refined list and sub-segment targeting.
  5. Customized Campaign Database Builds are customized and designed for specific campaigns and can include a variety of independent data and list sources. 
  6. DHM’s Expert List Research and Acquisition service specific to your show and identified market segments.
  7. DHM’s Master Marketing Database is the in-house database that forms the platform for segmentation and all data-driven marketing activities.


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