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Here are 7 specific deliverables from Direct Hit Marketing that will improve future Higher Education marketing results

  1. DHM’s Higher Education Cross Channel Analysis typically improves response rates by 10% or more by uncovering insights specific to higher education markets. 
  2. DHM’s Higher Education 360 Analysis builds on the Cross Channel analysis with a deeper dive across multiple years of Executive Education and/or EMBA data. This analysis is particularly useful for high price point verticals that experience long sale cycles that can be typical in the Higher Education market.
  3. The DHM’s Customized Non-Responsive Suppression File identifies companies and geographies that are found, over time, to be non-responsive.  Future list suppression can result in Higher Education marketers saving substantial money.
  4. The DHM’s Title and Functional Analysis leads to increased messaging effectiveness and improved list and sub-segment selection.
  5. Customized Campaign Database Builds are designed for precise tracking and measurement and typically include new data and list sources.
  6. DHM’s Expert List Research and Acquisition specific for open enrollment, EMBA, and custom programs that is based on our years of experience in this market.
  7. DHM’s Master Marketing Database is the in-house database that forms the platform for segmentation and all data-driven marketing activities.




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