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How do we offer you breakthrough insights and results for higher education marketers? It’s through our 360 Profile. Market smarter and make your marketing dollars go further.

DHM’s 360 Profile

We combine participant, inquirers, scholars and other list sources with all the direct marketing campaigns and deliver to marketers an in-depth analysis of what worked and what did not. All higher education marketers seek the most cost effective communication campaigns to attract the right kind of participants.  Whether their goal is Open or Custom, it’s key to the school’s success that participant numbers grow and satisfy the overall marketing objectives and faculty expectations. 

DHM’s 360 Profile data analysis does this.  The result of the profile is better targeting and more cost effective campaigns.


Let’s start the conversation as we can proceed several ways: 

  • Hold an in-depth conference call to understand your situation and marketing needs, develop a customized proposal, and submit to you.
  • Hold the conversation, develop the proposal and present on-site.

To get the ball rolling call or email Steve Juedes at 303-666-0798 and email

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